Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Wagon and Crawling Back on it

So I've fallen off the healthy eating wagon, fallen with a thud, several thuds, several very heavy thuds.

I've been horrible. Getting off the wagon last year involved me breaking up with an unhealthy influence, an influence who was, just like Jack In The Box spicy chicken biscuits, Arby's French Dips, and Caesar's Pizza, quite treacherous to my health. It happened again, this time for the last time, and I am equally inspired to regain my grip on my life and my health.

I have, through all this, retained my interest in the environment, recycled obsessively, cut down on my energy usage, and generally tried to be a good citizen. However, frequenting the fast food giants has undermined my efforts.

I went to our newly opened Trader Joe's this weekend, me and EVERYONE else in Nashville, I think, and it has renewed my sense of purpose and inspired me to cook - that and the cold weather, I think.

Anyway, goodbye landfill-body, hello temple-body, again. Wish me luck.