Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sometimes I Have to Eat More Than Food - I Have to Eat My Words

I may or may not have ranted about my less than positive relationship with Kroger on this blog. Let's just say that my 20 something year relationship with the grocery chain has had more downs than ups. I generally think it's overpriced, full of additive-laced cheap food, and their produce stinks (sometimes literally). However, I constantly find myself living in places in which going to any other grocery store than a Kroger is inconvenient.

I live on the outskirts of Nashville, and somewhat close to my house is a "new" Kroger, as we call it. It's an updated Kroger, so it's fashioned in an early 2000's style as opposed to most Krogers, which still look like a flashback to the 1980s. Anyway, I've been giving Kroger more of a chance lately, and I've begun to see some changes. I think the company is finally looking at what other grocery stores are doing and analyzing why my demographic would rather shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and I think they've done something smart.

Kroger has launched a full line of organic products, not just processed foods, but meats, tofu, eggs, dairy, soy milks, snacks, and produce, and they are adding more products as I type. I feel much better shopping at Kroger now that I have these options, because did I mention that this stuff is also reasonably priced?

Here's a link to the catalogue of products:

Kroger Simple Truth Organic Products

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